Eyes on by Esme Brett

Bokomslag - Eyes on

When @feminist_romance writes a romancenovella I’m intriged and when there is a opportunity to receive an ARC and can’ resist. She is funny, real and aware in her posts so the anticipation was high when I started to read this short storie about Francis and Greta. Their meeting is a steamy misunderstanding. Greta is at a birthday party and when the male stripper reluctantly is put to entertain Greta, Frances steps in. He´s the owner of the club but can’t stand to se the beautiful redhead rejected. They have a steamy moment at the dancefloor but when it dawns on Greta that Frances isn’t a stripper but the owner she feels humiliated, but not enough to not seek him out again….

I’m impressed of the construction of this novella. I usually dont read short stories because they leave you feeling a bit unsatisfied but this feels like a complete storie. It has a great start with a cute and funny meeting, a conflict that is believable and a HEA. The only thing that stops it from getting av full five star rating has nothing to do with the writing but more of personal preferences. I have come to realise that I prefer my romance more on the sweet side than the sexy and this is really sexy. But if you like your romance steamy, you will love this!

Publisher: Self published by @feminist_romance
Publication year: 2019
Format: E-book, ARC from the author
Pages: 57

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